• The biology team of XPiscoric has extensive experience in molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacologic evaluation of drug candidates.Equipped with cell culture laboratory, biochemical and molecular biology laboratory and state-of-the-art equipments,the team provides services of in vitro biological screening and mechanism studies, incuding biochemical and cellullar assays. At the same time, we also provide customized or jointly developed assays to meet clients'needs, helping customers to proceed porjects cost-efficiently and timely....Read more »

  • With extensive experience in in vivo efficacy study of new drug candidates, the pharmacology team of Xpiscoric provides services of efficacy studies and pharmacology studies in broad range of animal disease models. Validated models cover the areas of oncology, diabetes and diabetic complications, fatty liver disease, cholestasis, pain, anesthesia, etc. Animals used include mice rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, monkeys, and mini pigs. XPiscoric also provides flexible services of developing cutomized models for clients....Read more »

  • The DMPK services of Xpiscoric include three major area: bioanalysis (BA), in vitro pharmacokinetics (in vitro ADME) and in vivo pharmacokinetics (in vivo PK).The DMPK team has over 10 years of experence in DMPK studies of new drug candidates. While focusing on the scientific and rigorous research, we are committed to combining the results of DMPK with that of pharmacodynamics, toxicology to help decision making during peojects progress. In vivo PK after various dosing route can be conducted in mice, rat, dogs, mini pigs and monkeys. According to clients projects, customized DMPK study plans can be developed to provide cost-efficient and timely services....Read more »

  • The toxicology core team has experienced over 30 projects of toxicity study or preclinical safety study of new drug candidates, and succeessful project management of IND filing to cFDA and FDA.With standard SPF animal facilities, strict sample management protocols, XPiscoric provides early stage Non-safety evaluation services to help client to learn the safety profile of candidate compounds before moving into next step. Single dose acute toxicity and repeated dose toxicity studies are conducted in rodents and non-rodents (beagle dogs,monkeys). The team can also work with client to find the best safety study strategy according to specific projects....Read more »

  • Xpiscoric aims to provide one-stop integrated preclinical development services that include biological screening, efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety studies and IND filing. Powered by the years of experience of preclincial study of new drugs and IND filing, as well as well-knowledge of guidances for IND filing in China, the US and Australia, the team can manage projects in the areas of oncology, diabetes, inflammation and immune disease, anesthesia, pain, COPD, and others. By closely working with clients, we help on development strategy planning and optimization accordingly during the whole preclinical process, to ensure cost-efficient, rapid candidate confirmation and development. ...Read more »