About XPiscoric Inc.
Established in May 2016, XPiscoric was founded by a group of scientists with extensive experience in drug discovery and development, especially small molecular new drugs (NMEs). The expertises of the XPiscoric’s scientific team include biological assays, efficacy study in animal models, pharmacokinetics (PK), safety pharmacology and toxicology. The team also possesses successful experiences of IND filing both to FDA and cFDA.
Located in “Chengdu Medical City” in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, Xpisoric have biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories, cell culture laboratories, SPF animal facilities (rodents), LC-MS/MS analysis laboratory, etc. to conduct target validation, drug discovery and preclinical development experiments. We have also established close collaborations with large animal facilities to fulfill the animal study needs in Beagle dogs, Rhesus monkey and mini pigs. 
XPiscoric focuses on providing professional services for drug discovery and preclinical development. Our goal is to accelerate clients’ drug discovery, making innovation easier and more cost-efficient. All assays, disease models and pharmacological evaluations are well validated before testing clients’ compounds. We also keep close eye on cutting-edge advancements of drug targets and drug development and establish new techniques to serve innovation timely. Currently available services including: in vitro biochemical assays for target validation, compound screening, action mechanism elucidation; in vivo efficacy study on animal models (rodents, beagle dogs, Rhesus monkeys/Cynomolgus monkeys); in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetics; early stage non-GLP safety studies. We are open to discuss new studies according to clients’ need. The integrated preclinical services are to help clients to integrate biology, efficacy, PK and safety information of candidate drug to make decisions, development strategies and complete IND enabling studies, filing documents.

Our Team
The core team and scientific advisory board of XPiscoric possess extensive successful experience in the whole process of new drugs discovery and development, including target mining and project planning, lead optimization, screening, preclinical development and early phase clinical development.We serve your innovation to serve human health care.
Our Goal
Well understand client’s needs, serve client scientifically, objectively, professionally and timely; help to accelerate drug innovation, make innovation cost-efficient.
Our vision
Keep exploring life science; Serve innovation, serve human health.